Christian Ehrentraut
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The 'Nebel' series, consisting of six large-scale paintings, deals with the classical motive of the Stages of Life.

Suggestive memories from childhood and adolescence, adulthood and maturity appear on thick, multi-layered surfaces of color. The mood within the paintings develops into aggressiveness, turning portraits of devotion into scenes of battles.

Allegories of Literature and Art History assemble on the canvases, the coming-of-age novel translates into painting. Figurative animals take on different meanings, attesting to the events on the panel: a rhino on one painting being a simple toy, on the other symbolizing reckless advance. Invariantly, though, this superficial hustle rests diffusely behind gray shrouds of painterly mist, as to ultimately say, in retrospect, that history will always be cloudy.

This exhibition marks the first time which the complete series of works will be shown as a whole. Parts of the series have already been exhibited in the 'Daydreams and Darksides' show at the Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin in 2008 and von Kaufmann's solo at Hospitalhof Stuttgart.

Ruprecht von Kaufmann was born 1974 in Munich. He studied painting at the Art Center College in Los Angeles. After living in Los Angeles and New York for several years, he moved to Berlin in 2003, where he currently lives and works. His works have been exhibited at numerous venues including the Fraktale IV exhibition at Palast der Republik, Berlin (2005), Kunsthalle Mannheim (2006) and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Berlin (2007).

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