Christian Ehrentraut
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For the first time ever, a large-scale video showcase installation plays the epicenter in a Baumgaertel exhibition : „Metronom“, a diorama, shows a model landscape echoing a farm in the Australian outback or a Wild West ghosttown. Across the scenery, instrument cases of a missing Orchestra lie scattered around. On the horizon, the projection of a metronome sets the rythm from which a film collage develops.
Using animated pictures and found footage, Baumgaertel generates a film aesthetic somewhere between Kentridge and „Southpark“, allowing elements from his drawings and paintings to exist in a new context.

The pastel- and charcoal drawings of the show also give insight to the artist's abstruse world of thought. They are witness to psychological self-experiments: Baumgaertel invents metaphors of delusion, longing and fear that seem like a children's book translation of the world into a seemingly naive and tragicomically narrative. As if windows to a parallel world, the images appear as being taken from a complex film, perhaps being an inspiration for exactly this.