Christian Ehrentraut
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Tzuckerman's monumental photographs are elaborately produced and designed to the last detail. He conceptualizes and builds entire stage sets, which he both dramatically illuminates and populates with numerous figures. An approximately 20-foot wide diptych titled “Twins” shows more than 30 figures on artificial rock islands; each is costumed and face painted, static or in motion. The artist himself often takes on different roles, using theatricality and pathos. He develops emblematic images that refer to Classical tragedies, Christian iconography and current social issues.

Born in Israel in 1976, Anan Tzuckerman studied at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. His works have been widely exhibited in museums and institutions in Israel and internationally. In 2006, Tzuckerman was featured in a solo exhibition at the Haifa Museum of Art. He lives and works in Tel Aviv. This is his first solo exhibition in Berlin.