Christian Ehrentraut
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Yudi Noor's exhibition consists of nine assemblage figures, a series of collages as well as numerous sculptures and objects dealing with myths of creation by the great world religions and experimentations on proportion.

An antique Buddhist medicine bowl, hologram tape, molded stainless steel, and embroidered linen form the elements in Noor's new compositions. Always in quest for the divine proportion, Noor combines ornaments, colors and objets trouvés with calligraphic precision utilizing mathematical and numerological principles. His works integrate Islamic symbolism, Buddhist mysticism and Christian iconography and occasionally display subtle and playful references to current political issues. Uniting elements of Asian popular culture, and Western art movements such as Minimal- and Pop-Art, Noor triggers a cross-cultural dialog.

Yudi Noor was born in Bandung, Indonesia in 1971.
He attended Akademi Seni Lupa, Indonesia and the Berlin University of the Arts. Recent exhibitions include Stadtpark Galerie Krems, Kunstverein Arnsberg and Kunstraum Bethanien. Yudi Noor lives and works in Berlin.