Christian Ehrentraut
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We are pleased to invite you to the opening reception of "Zeichnung ohne Zeichnung", an exhibition with works of Klaus Jörres (D), David Murphy (GB) Viktor Timofeev (LV) and Michael Bevilacqua (USA).

The exhibition focuses on drawing as a medium of differentiation and structuring, as well as it's function as draft, sketch, pattern or graffiti.

All representative elements are repealed from Klaus Jörres’ canvases and the act of painting is reduced to structuring the images' surface. The paintings are designed with strict geometrics, ocassionally varying vertical or horizontal lines in constant repetition. Their serial and sober order is interfered by seemingly arbitrary vandalization with spray paint.
David Murphy’s steel structures are derived from the neat wicker-work tunnels of the traditional woven eel traps, but enlarged to human scale. Confronted with the body, the work becomes, like drawings, a handful of overlapping black lines: uncertain depths and flattened volumes.
In Viktor Timofeev’s labyrinthine architectural utopias, figurative image personnel is replaced with blocky rune-like typography. Between tilting surfaces and massive floating forms it develops a dynamic of its own.
The slogans and word fragments that Michael Bevilacqua scratches or leaves with stencils and spray paint on the rich metallic surfaces of his paintings playfully refer to pop- and urban subcultures and relate to minimal- as well as to street-art.

Klaus Jörres, born 1973 in Düren, Germany studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Maastricht and at the University of Arts Berlin with Katharina Sieverding. In 2004 he received the Kaiser Ring grant from the city of Goslar. He lives and works in Berlin.
David Murphy was born in 1983 in Newcastle Upon Tyne and has studied at the Glasgow School of Art. He lives and works in London.
Viktor Timofeev, born in 1984 in Riga, studied at the Hunter College in New York. He lived and worked in Berlin for five years before moving to London in 2012.
Michael Bevilacqua's, born 1966 in Carmel, academic career started at Cambridge College of Art, continued at the Technology at Santa Barbara City College and ended at Long Beach State University, USA. Bevilacqua now lives and works in New York.

For more information or images, please do not hesitate to contact Anne Kathrin Wegener at +49 – (0)30 – 440 383 85 or via E-Mail at