Christian Ehrentraut
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In Sol Niger, referencing to the first stage of the alchemical magnum opus, Steingrimur Eyford (born 1954), an established concept and text artist, faces two young German artists: Lou Hoyer (born 1984 in Berlin) draws, after a long period of study in Mexico, erotic and mythological supercharged everyday scenes with black in black ink. Gabriela Jolowicz (born 1978 in Salzgitter) sets keenly observed urban scenes into large-scale detailed woodcuts.

Steingrimur Eyfjords work "Kellingin" (The old hag) is a collection of diary-like texts, images, often absurd ideas and instructions. In over 2000 pages he rapidly leads elements from Icelandic sagas, religion and superstition with stories from the day and turret punch press and therefore, analyzes (national) stereotypes and identities.
In 2007, Eyfjord designed the Icelandic pavilion at the Venice Biennale. He has been nominated twice for the Carnegie Nordic Art Prize and his works were exhibited in all the major Icelandic and in numerous Scandinavian museums.

Lou Hoyer monochromatic hotel and bathroom interiors are characterized by her time in Mexico and are full of magic realism. With color nuances of different black ink modes unfold a fine play of colors and smooth spots into intimate scenes of everyday life: figures washing their hair, making love or playing a card game are observed. Hoyer is a master student of Valerie Favre at the UDK.

In addition to still life, Gabriela Jolowicz turns volatile urban everyday scenes into overweight and intricate woodcuts, which act at the same time very strict by the strong black and white contrast. Exemplary urban life genre scenes and interiors, music or pool club combines them in perspective distortion and exuberant structure density.
Gabriela Jolowicz studied at the Leipzig Academy of Visual Arts under Volker Pfüller and Thomas Müller. She was master Student of Thomas Müller. Her works have been exhibited in numerous group exhibitions. Currently and up to the end of August, she can be seen in "New Print / New Narratives" at the International Print Center, New York.